How to choose an ostomy bag?

Release time:2022-07-02

Choosing an ostomy bag is a big headache for many stoma friends who have just finished surgery. Which one is right for them? One-piece ostomy bag, two-piece ostomy bag, and various accessories; there are many types and brands of ostomy bags, but not all ostomy bags are suitable for every ostomy person, and most patients lack the correct ostomy bag. Knowledge of choosing an ostomy bag. So how to choose? Generally speaking, the Choice of ostomy bag is mainly related to the type of stoma, size of the stoma, personal care needs, and requirements for quality of life.

Postoperative stoma type

Clinically, enterostomy can be divided into colostomy, ileostomy, and temporary stoma.

Colostomy: usually located in the lower-left abdomen, is a permanent stoma for the descending or sigmoid colon. It protrudes from the abdominal wall about 3-5cm in diameter.

Ileostomy: Generally located in the lower right abdomen, the opening of the end of the ileum on the abdominal wall. It protrudes from the abdominal wall and has a diameter of approx. Approx.

Temporary stoma: It is located in the transverse colon segment, that is, the upper abdomen. It is double-lumen or looped, so it has a more prominent appearance. The proximal opening drains loose stools, while the distal opening drains only a small amount of intestinal mucus. The temporary stoma acts as a shunt and pressure and can be returned to the lower part of the intestinal tract after the disease has healed. An ostomy bag is a product that collects excreta centrally at a surgical opening.

But no matter what type of stoma you have, you’ll need to wear an ostomy bag after the procedure to collect waste and protect the skin around the stoma. Since the ileostomy discharge comes from the small intestine, it is rich in digestive enzymes and irritates the skin. Therefore, the ostomy bag used needs to be close to the stoma and protect the skin.

 How to choose a suitable chassis, first observe the size of your stoma shape:

For patients with a new colostomy (6 to 8 weeks after surgery is a period of edema of the stoma, and the colostomy will gradually shrink over time) or patients whose colostomy is not round, pay attention to the size of the tailoring chassis. 2-3cm more significant than the actual size. If you have depressions around your enterostomy, a one- or two-piece convex ostomy bag product is more suitable for you. If your stoma opening is protruding from the surface of the skin around the stoma, and the skin around the stoma is not wrinkled, you can choose a flat bottom stoma product.

You can choose an ostomy bag according to your usual life care needs :

One-piece ostomy bag: The chassis is relatively soft and suitable for use during the recovery period after an ostomy because the one-piece ostomy pouch chassis and pack are integrated and can be worn or removed at the same time with simple operation steps. The one-piece ostomy bag should be discarded directly after being torn off after being used once and cannot be reused.

Two-piece ostomy pocket: You can wear different types of ostomy products according to different scenarios. It is more convenient and more flexible to match. For example, when traveling and exercising, you can choose different stoma chassis and ostomy bags. The two-piece chassis and the bag are separated and connected by a connecting ring so that the bag can be easily removed separately. You can choose between different types of ostomy bags or the chassis that best suits your needs. In addition, the ostomy bag has various options such as material and function, and you can also consider it according to different stoma care needs.

For example: when the stoma is drained smoothly and there is exhaust, you can choose the odor in the ostomy bag with the filter to be filtered by the enlarged activated carbon sheet and then discharged to reduce the odor and avoid embarrassment ( the high-efficiency activated carbon sheet C is highly efficient and Activated carbon sheet made by the unique process ) can effectively filter the smell of excrement, easily hide the odor and exhaust to prevent the bag from expanding in time and protect the privacy of the patient.

Choice of stoma accessories:

In addition to the ostomy bag system, for those ostomy friends who have personalized needs or pursue high-quality life care, you can also choose a variety of accessory products to use, such as:

Skin protectant: Apply to the skin around the stoma to form a transparent protective film, which can effectively prevent excrement from eroding the chassis and skin.

Stoma skin care powder: Protect the skin to prevent redness, itching, breakage, and ulceration of the skin around the stoma. After using the skin protectant, you can apply an appropriate amount of skincare powder to protect the surrounding skin.

Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon material removes odor, discharges gas, and avoids bulging bags.

Anti-leakage cream: used to fill the gap between the stoma pocket and the stoma and to fill in the uneven skin around the stoma to prevent side leakage caused by excrement eroding the chassis.

Proper use of ostomy accessories can improve your quality of life, prolong the life of your ostomy bag, and be more affordable.

In short, the scientific selection of ostomy bags can promote the early recovery of patients. Every patient should pay attention to it and actively cooperate with good doctors!