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Ostomy Barrier Rings 402A 4mm
Ostomy Barrier Rings 402A 4mm
Ostomy Accessories
Products feature:
Skin Friendly: The hydrocolloid is skin-friendly and non-irritating, effectively preventing excrement from damaging the skin around the stoma.
Strong Elasticity: Can perfectly conform to the changes in the skin shape around the stoma, they can better fit your body, make the contour uniform and keep smooth, there are no visible wrinkles or creases, prevent leakage, and you can move more freely.
Works With Any Ostomy Pouches: HDL-HENDRY barrier rings are moldable to be bent, stretched and pulled all you want,so our barrier rings are designed to adapt to all ostomy bags on the market.
Extend The Life Of Ostomy Bags: It can prevent the excrement from corroding the barrier of the ostomy bag and prolong the service life of the ostomy bag
Products Specification:
Brand Name: HDL-HENDRY
Expiration Date: 3 years
Certificates: ISO13485 FDA CE