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Two-piece Y4403A
Two-piece Y4403A
Two-Piece Ostomy Bags
Products feature:
Two-Piece Ostomy Bag -- Colostomy Bag Reuseable , Just take off the bag for irrigation for reuse.Protect your skin around the stoma without removing the skin barrier from your skin repeatedly.
Non-woven Fabric Material: Soft and comfortable to effectively reduce friction. The opening on the non-woven fabric allows you to check for abnormal excretions.
Odor Barrier: EVOH film with strong odor barrier ability, can effectively prevent odor overflow in the bag, not embarrassing social interaction.
Medical Skin Barrier: Advanced hydrocolloid made of pressure sensitive adhesive and pectin, skin friendly, paste no residue.
Charcoal Filter: A built-in filter on top of pouch reduces the risk of ballooning and neutralises odours.
Products Specification:
Item: Y4403A
Brand Name: HDL-HENDRY
Bag Material: EVOH
With Carbon filter: Yes
Expiration Date: 3 years
Certificates: ISO13485 FDA CE