Teach You How To Choose A Ostomy Pouch

Release time:2022-04-15

Many ostomy friends who have just completed the operation will always fall into the “difficult choice” after being discharged from the hospital: ostomy bags are often divided into many types according to different functions and uses, one-piece, two-piece, open, closed… There are all kinds of accessories, which is dazzling to see, so how to choose? Generally speaking, the choice of ostomy bag is closely related to the type, shape, personal care needs and quality of life requirements of the postoperative stoma. The following editor will give you a good overview of various important principles, and teach you how to choose the most suitable ostomy bag:


1、Type and shape of postoperative stoma. Clinically, enterostomy can be divided into colostomy and ileostomy. A colostomy is a surgical operation to create a colonic opening in the abdomen. Its purpose is to prevent feces from passing through a damaged or diseased intestine. An ileostomy is to create an ileum opening in the abdomen so that feces cannot pass through. The colon is directly discharged, at which time the colon will be removed or stopped. Regardless of the type of stoma, you need to wear an ostomy bag after the operation to facilitate collection of excrement and protect the skin around the stoma. Because the stoma does not have a sphincter, it is generally unable to control bowel movements; and the ileostomy discharge comes from the small intestine and contains digestive enzymes for digestion, which is very irritating to the skin. Therefore, the ostomy bag used needs to have the function of sticking to the stoma and protecting the skin. When you choose an ostomy pouch, you first need to pay attention to the shape of the stoma: if your stoma opening is protruding from the surface of the skin around the stoma, and the skin around the stoma is free of wrinkles, folds, or depressions, you can choose a flat chassis Stoma products. If you have obvious bulges, hernias or prolapsed abdomen near the stoma, you can choose a one-piece ostomy bag. The one-piece ostomy bag is an integrated design, and the chassis and the ostomy bag do not need to be connected by a connecting ring, so it feels more flexible and low-key to use. If your stoma opening deviates from the center of the intestinal stoma, or is flush with or lower than the surface of the skin around the stoma, or the skin around the stoma is sunken, it may be that convex chassis stoma products are more suitable for you.


2、You can choose an ostomy bag according to your daily life care needs: If you want to change the ostomy bag more easily or are always worried that the ostomy bag is too obvious under the clothes, a one-piece ostomy bag may be the best choice. This is because one The one-piece ostomy chassis and the bag are integrated and can be worn or removed at the same time. The operation steps are simple and the material is soft. It may be less noticeable under the clothes. If you have a higher demand for stoma care, you are more inclined to choose to wear different types of stoma products according to your activities or stoma conditions. For example, you can choose different types of stoma chassis and pouches when you travel or exercise. Two-piece ostomy products may be more convenient and more flexible. The two-piece chassis and the bag are separated and connected by a connecting ring (the connecting ring of the two-piece ostomy product is a floating ring design, which is convenient to wear and reduces the pressure on the abdomen during operation), so the bag can be easily removed separately. You can choose different types of ostomy bags or the chassis that best meets your needs.

In addition, the ostomy bag itself also has diversified options such as transparency, skin color, and ability to exhaust. You can also consider different ostomy care needs. For example: when the ostomy has a smooth excretion and exhaust, you can choose an ostomy bag with a filter. When there is a lot of excrement and need to be discharged at any time, you’d better choose an open bag with a sealing clip or a special sealing design to facilitate quick emptying. If you need to observe your stoma and excrement daily, a transparent ostomy bag may be more suitable. If you don’t want to see the stoma and excrement at all, you can choose a skin-colored stoma.


3、Personalized and high-quality life needs In addition to the ostomy system, for those ostomy friends who have individual needs or pursue high-quality life care, you can also choose a variety of accessory products, such as: ostomy seal ring, It fills the depression, fits the stoma chassis, and fits closely with the skin around the stoma. It is easy to stretch and shape. Even if the shape is adjusted several times, it still maintains good viscosity. It is suitable for various irregular stomas and helps prevent leakage and protect. Skin health lubricating deodorant, through chemical principles to neutralize the odor, make the inner wall of the ostomy bag smooth, help excrement to slide off the bottom of the bag, and facilitate the emptying of the ostomy skin care powder. It is used for the care of the stoma and surrounding skin. Absorb moisture, keep the skin dry and help protect skin health.