Things You Must Know About Wearing Ostomy Bag.

Release time:2022-04-15

A. Choose the right ostomy care products

   1. In the early stage of the operation, it is recommended to use transparent, carbon-free films and open pockets. During the recovery period, you can choose opaque ostomy bags.

   2. If the excrement is thin, try to use open pockets. If the excrement is thick, you can choose closed or open pockets. In addition, patients with a flat abdomen should choose a flat chassis, and patients with a flush stoma and retracted stoma should choose a convex chassis and waist belt. The stoma is ischemic or necrotic, and a two-piece transparent ostomy bag should be used.

B. Remove the base of the stoma gently to avoid skin damage        

   Wearing an ostomy bag is a long-term thing, and for patients with sensitive and fragile skin, frequent pasting and repeated removal of the chassis will not only make the skin more fragile, but also cause ulceration. Therefore, be careful and slowly remove when replacing, avoid direct pulling, the action must be gentle, and at the same time, use the chassis adhesive remover.

C. Do not use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other disinfectants to clean the stoma.        

   The skin around the normal stoma is just like the anus. It is enough to keep it clean and dry. It does not need to be sterilized. Long-term use of disinfectant to wipe the skin can kill harmful bacteria and also kill the normal flora of the skin and mucous membranes, which leads to weakened skin resistance, and even causes the surrounding skin to become too dry and brittle, which affects the viscosity of the chassis adhesive. And when the chassis is removed, it will cause avulsion damage to the skin.        

   The skin around the stoma does not need to be cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Daily cleaning and care can be done by scrubbing with neutral soap and ordinary water, gently scrubbing from the inside and outside, and let it dry naturally.

D. Avoid cutting the center hole of the stoma chassis too large.        

   I believe that most of the ostomy friends will encounter the problem of wearing the chassis in the ostomy care just after the operation, and cutting the center hole of the chassis is one of the very important steps.        

   The large and small cut of the central hole has a great influence on the stoma and surrounding skin. If the diameter is too large, the skin around the stoma will be in contact with excrement for a long time, causing it to be damaged; if the cut hole is too small, it will cause friction on the stoma nipple Bleeding; therefore, the stoma should be measured more accurately, and a suitable ostomy bag chassis should be cut according to the size and shape of the stoma, generally greater than 1-2mm in diameter.

E. Standard wear of stoma chassis        

   If the skin folds are uneven, you should fill it up with a leak-proof cream before sticking to the chassis to avoid leakage due to the gap between the chassis and the skin; secondly, after wearing the chassis, do not get up and move immediately, and lightly press the pouch chassis with warm hands for a few minutes. It can make the adhesive bond more closely with the skin.        

   In winter, the temperature is low. You can use your hands or place the chassis under the armpit to make the glue soft and increase its stickiness before wearing it.