Can I Swim After The Stoma? What Precautions?

Release time:2022-04-15

In the hot summer and unbearable heat, swimming has become a popular activity. But can a stoma friend swim?

First, after the stoma, you can swim after the wound has healed and your physical strength has returned to normal. Secondly, you need to make relevant preparations before swimming.



  1. Choose a suitable time. It is recommended to go swimming after eating for two hours. As the intestinal peristalsis will speed up just after eating, exercise immediately after a meal will also cause gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, both stool and intestinal fluid excretion will be reduced two hours after a meal.


  1. Choose a suitable swimsuit. Swimwear is based on the principle of being comfortable, covering the ostomy bag and not affecting the wearing of the ostomy bag. Among them, women can choose loose-fitting one-piece swimsuits, and men can choose loose-fitting high-waist swim shorts, which can make the pouch more concealed.


  1. Before swimming, you need to empty the ostomy bag or replace it with a new mini-type ostomy bag, and use elastic glue to stick the chassis firmly to avoid falling off due to excessive contents.


  1. The swimming time should not be too long. It is determined according to your own body, and it will take about 30 minutes at the longest.


  1. Prepare sufficient ostomy supplies. Since the ostomy bag is exposed to water for a long time, there is a risk of side leakage, so you should bring enough ostomy supplies, and you need to replace the ostomy bag immediately after swimming.