The Benefits Of Having Ostomy Support Belts

Release time:2022-04-15

It can be used to support the ostomy pouch or as an alternative to adhesives for ostomy patients, especially those with sensitive skin

This support belt can help maintain an adequate seal when using a convex skin barrier

It is great at keeping your ostomy pouch steady, preventing it from detaching from your stoma or being snagged

It reduces any chances of parastomal and incisional hernias by preventing the formation of the hernia defect

The ostomy bag support belts are very discreet, thus allowing you to continue with life as you know it, without interfering with your ostomy bag

It can also preserve parastomal and incisional hernias from recurring after surgery repair, by delivering extra wound supportThe confidence you get while wearing it is top-notch

This support belt can protect your colostomy bag by holding it securely up against your body

The best usually moves effortlessly with the contours of your body

Great at releasing tension from the stoma by holding the pouch or ostomy bag

The comfort it provides whilst at rest is unmatched, as it minimizes output movement inside the ostomy pouch

Can help diminish peristomal skin rash by preventing the ostomy pouch from dragging