What’s The Difference Between A Colostomy And An Ileostomy?

Release time:2022-04-15

A colostomy and an ileostomy are totally different and require different treatment. For instance, with a colostomy, you can have fully formed stools. With an ileostomy, you have liquid stools, meaning you have to empty the bag all throughout the day. There’s another big difference – an ileostomy is on the right side, while a colostomy is on the left. Oh, and one more important thing: They’re to do with two different organs. The lack of information and conversation around ileostomies – and the confusion that so often happens between colostomies and ileostomies – means that many young people who are undergoing surgery can feel scared and alone, struggling to find the information that applies to them. Learning the difference between a colostomy and an ileostomy is a little thing that has a big impact. It makes those with stoma bags feel respected and understood, and ensures there’s no confusion around treatment.